Our Team

The Lighthouse School Team consists of educators, teachers, psychologists, designers, dreamers and creators.

We implement our principles of democratic school by choosing to be leader-free in order to give each and every member of the staff, children and parents millions of opportunities to contribute to co-construction of this unique school.

We welcome parents and volunteers to join and journey with us.


I graduated University with a master’s degree in counselling / psychology and have an undergraduate degree in communications/political science with a minor in philosophy.

I worked with children/adolescents in residential treatment centers in Texas, and since the late 90’s run a private practice. I also served as a part-time school-counselor for a decade where I closely supported students, parents and teachers. Over the years I have participated in and run workshops, groups and seminars in both educational and psychological development. Also should add that I have founded or co-founded different social-activist groups meant to spark grass-roots movements of concerned citizens wanting a better society.

I am one of the primary founders of the Lighthouse School which we created on the concept that children should love learning, learn in a way that suits them and address their personal/social as much as their academic development.

Besides bringing together the best ideologies and practices in education from around the world to inspire the Lighthouse School students, I believe that a school should be the micro-utopia that lights the way to a better society where people believe in a far better world and are willing to contribute to that future.

A few words about Costa from a colleague.

When Costas suggested to me years ago that we start up a “school with a difference” together, I told him he was mad. I watched as he single-handedly found a building and with blood, sweat and tears converted it into the magic of what the Lighthouse is today. Then he turned his hand to peopling the building with wonderful adults and children who blew on the flame to light the spirit. That journey took enormous courage, dedication, determination and most of all…. unshakable vision. That is Costas – a dreamer. Who makes even the wildest of dreams come true. (Cathie Timotheou)

Hello! I was born in Limassol Cyprus, on October 29th at the end of 90s. So I am not that old to execute all my dreams, oops let’s say not all of my dreams, because I may need another one life. I have studied Electronics and Communication Engineering. Following this I decided to start playing with Robots and be involved in the creating them.

It wasn’t as fun as it sounds! If you therefore decide to follow such a path, think twice maybe even three times… After my bachelor’s degree I decided to take a break and return to my beautiful island and rest a little. Funnily enough, my vacation was extended. This was an attempt to initiate my own startup business called “NTSomnii”. This is mainly based on Research and Developing. The creation of my second company shortly followed. This company goes by the many of “3D Makers” which is based on 3D Printing services and Product Developing. Among all areas which I currently occupy myself, I am also keen to get involved with and make a difference in the educational system. My goal is to establish areas in which to enhance creative thinking and project-based-learning. I therefore decided to begin teaching my own course namely known as Product Developing with 3D Printing and Robotics. I have identified that I don’t have life anymore (and for some strange reason I LOVE IT). It seems I plan to stick around for this year and possibly the following year also.

I was born and raised in Paphos .When I graduated from high school I moved to Ioannina in Greece and I majored in Early Childhood Education and my degree level enables to teach until Year 3. I had my first Master Degree at the University of Birmingham in “International Studies of Education” and the second one in “Curriculum Design and Comparative Education” at the University of Cyprus. I have been teaching for the last 3 years different age groups and subjects.

I joined Lighthouse School last December and since joining the Lighthouse it has changed my life too! The philosophy of the school and the positive attitude towards everyone and everything motivates, both children and teachers. Lighthouse teaching approach is fun, hands on and natural but this is not the only purpose. As a team we focus and approach differently catering to each child helping them to grow up, having in mind that ‘’ YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!’’

My name is George Lysandris and I am the main teacher for Levels 2 & 3. I gained a Ba in Education from Democritus University of Thrace and I have been working as a teacher for the past 8 years. Throughout my studies, I have focused on the challenge of integrating children of various backgrounds into a multicultural classroom. I believe that children should be excited and eager to learn, not forced, and that’s why I constantly put myself into their shoes. Every new day I try not only to teach, but also to learn, thus quoting the words of Phil Collins: “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

I have been a professional musician since 2003 and have had the pleasure of sharing my passion on stage with many great musicians around the island and abroad in major EU cities. This experience has given me the opportunity to create a fantastic bond and has given me the opportunity me to network with several renowned musicians within Cyprus, which I cherish till this day.

As the owner and music manager of, I have managed to create one of the most influential jazz bars in Cyprus (MarMia Kafeneio). This concept had in mind a platform which was created solely for the free expression of musicians, to play the music of their soul and consequently transmit that to the audience. Being involved and a part in the musical CABARET at Theatro Ena as saxophonist since 2007/8 was the highlight of my professional career. Playing live music enabled me to become more technical when having to perform in the studio. At present I am the lead saxophonist in a well-known local blues/rock band named BluesWreck, and another band which plays Jazz named Ο Αρφός του. Moreover I write music for both bands.

I believe that everybody should have some form of involvement with music on some level and it should be a part of everybody’s life. Whether this is by listening, singing, playing a musical instrument, or even just dance to the rhythm of MUSIC, or any combination of the above. It is soothing for the soul and mental food for the brain, and it’s a positive way to create diversity in the development of children.

My passion for teaching was inherited from my grandmother – a former school principal with 3 degrees in Literacy who also happens to be able to speak 4 languages. Inspired by her dedication I graduated from Klaipeda University in Lithuania acquiring Bachelor’s Degree in Eucation. After two years of practice, I pursued my dream to reach for something bigger and thus my path led me to Stockholm University in Sweden. There I discovered that I was a goal-oriented, systematic and passionate educator. After acquiring a Master’s Degree in Comparative and International Education, I decided it was time to change the world – one student at a time.

I am proud to see my students mirror my passion for reading and writing, positivity and an overall enthusiasm for learning.

I graduated from the University of Cyprus with a Bachelor degree in Primary Education in 2016. I studied English as a second language at UCLan University and hold a diploma in Dance Pedagogy. I also teach Zumba, Fitness and Creative dance classes. Regarding my teaching experience was working in an outstanding multinational primary school in the the UK 2 years ago, gaining a lot of useful knowledge on working on projects and with students who had learning difficulties.

As a teacher I believe that all children are unique and have something special that they can bring to their own education. I always assist my students to express themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well embrace the differences of others. Students should have access to hands-on activities and should be able to have choices and let their curiosity direct their learning. The most important for me is how to teach children life skills in order to help them succeed in their life

I am a primary teacher and I have been teaching for five years with different age groups and subjects. I was born in Limassol in 1988. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Middlesex University London in 2009 and a Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching from Frederick University in 2013. I joined Lighthouse School the last two years and since then I have been so inspired from the schools philosophy. I believe a good teacher isn’t someone who gives the answers out to their kids but is understanding of needs and challenges and gives tools to help other people succeed. What I love in teaching is that I am a much better student and I am bless to learn valuable lessons from my students on a daily basis.

I graduated from the American International School in Yemen and completed A-Levels in the UK. Raised as an expatriate child, moving country and school every 2 years, I enjoyed meeting people from different countries and cultures, making friendships and memories. Having spent the majority of my 20 yr career in a corporate environment and the last 5 yrs as a Director of a Financial Services company with 60 employees in Cyprus, I decided to make a huge life change to be involved in something more fulfilling. I joined the Lighthouse as a Facilitator to assist with the business side of the school such as structure, internal operations and processes and general organisation, including budget planning and HR. I truly believe in the messages the Lighthouse is trying to deliver to our children when it comes to social skills, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, and independence.

Throughout my school years, I’ve seen students get excluded because they were different, until one single teacher turned our world upside down and showed us that education is for everyone. Thus I decided quite early that I also wanted to be that teacher that gives opportunities to children to thrive at their own pace. Setting this goal, I graduated from the University of Cyprus with a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education and I continued my studies in Inclusive and Special education. I have been teaching in schools for 3 years and simultaneously working with students in one-to-one lessons for the last 6 years.

My goal is to share my passion for learning with my students, enrich their creativity skills and show them ways to discover and enforce their powers.