Our Strategy

Ability based
(instead of age-based) educational plans so children learn in relation to where they are (not where they are 'supposed' to be).
Small classes.
Maximum 12 students per class. This is to ensure that each student receives the attention and learning support they need. Every child is unique and moves at their own speed. We offer differentiation in the classroom for all levels of ability.
Project-based and hands-on experiential learning.
We learn by doing, not always by just listening or watching. The Lighthouse strives to create a learning experience that is fascinating, inspiring, entertaining and yet useful.
Learn the reasons for values such as respect, honesty, sharing and responsibility especially via moments of conflict or frustration.
Personal and social development.
We want to help raise confident, considerate, constructively critical young people into society. We need more creative thinkers and empowered doers for the future.
The Lighthouse philosophy is that parents and students should be able to shape the content and quality of a child’s educational experience. A community approach. Personalizing educational plans, creating meaningful and relevant curricula and embracing innovative/original ideas in an organic, evolving educational system that inspires students passions and strengths.
Our mission is to prepare our students in as many ways possible for an unpredictable future.