Enrollment Fees

Type Cost
Registration Fee€ 150 (Once in a year)
Book and Resources€ 275 (Once a year)
Deposit€ 1000 (Only refundable on payment for full academic year)
Monthly Fees
Reception€ 350
Primary(Level 1-6)€ 550
Secondary(Level 7 Upwards)€ 750

Type CostDuration
EAL - Full Program150Monthly
EAL - Replacing Greek50Monthly
MATHS - 1 to 1 Tuition100Monthly
BUS - Return80Monthly
BUS - One way40Monthly

  • Fees can be paid monthly, termly or annually.
  • Siblings Discount: 5% off. The sibling discount does not apply to annual payments.


Termly (€ 100 of annual total)

Annually (€ 200 of annual total)

Delay of payment - Late fees

Fees are due in advance on the 1st of each monthly.  Monthly payments that are more than 15 days late incur a €25 late fee. More than 30 days late and the late fee doubles. More than 60 days may mean the cancellation of educational services. Once the debt is settled service is resumed.

Refund on deposit

Deposits are refundable only upon completion of payment for the full school year.

30 day student trial period

We reserve the right to accept students for a trial period of one month in order for us to assess whether we have resources or staff necessary to fully meet a child’s needs. On completion of the trial period, if the support team is confident that the child’s educational needs can be effectively met we shall put forward a proposed education/action plan.  If however this is not the case (for any reason the team decides) we reserve the right, ruefully, to reject the application.  Any prepaid fee beyond the period attended shall be fully reimbursed along with the deposit.