Our tuition fees are based on the estimated cost of education and are not designed to create profit. In fact our books are open for inspection upon request by any member of the public (transparency).
We aim to keep fees fixed during the student’s duration in the school (assuming our costs stay constant).

Tuition fees

Annual tuition fees are €5.500, fixed for all classes/ages, based on 10 monthly payments of €550 by standing order starting September 11th.

There is a €550 deposit. In some cases this may be spread of the school year and is refundable upon final payment of the annual fee.

The registration fee of €150 is paid only once and is non-refundable, plus an annual fee of €250 for insurance and all text books/materials.

The deposit is refundable only if you duly pay tuition fees and comply with policy regarding school withdrawal. Otherwise the deposit is used to cover unexpected expenses or lost income.

Terms of payment

Due dates for fees:

Annual payments – by the 11th of September.

Termly payments – by the first day of the term.

Monthly payments – by 1st of month (except Sept., deadline 11th.)

Payments may be made by bank transfer (preferably) or cheque.

Delay of payment

We are aware parents may have temporary financial difficulties and delay payment. Monthly payments that are more than 15 days late incur a €25 late fee. More than 30 days late and the late fee doubles. More than 60 days may mean the cancellation of educational services. Once the debt is settled service is resumed.

Refund on deposit

We hope your child will graduate from our school and the deposit can be set off against the final payment.

Deposits are refundable only upon completion of payment for the full school year, with no exceptions.

If students withdraw early for ANY reason, the fees are still obligatory for the complete year. Deposits are only refundable when the complete balance has been settled.

30 day trial period

We reserve the right to accept students for a trial period of one month in order for us to assess whether we have resources or staff necessary to fully meet a child’s needs. On completion of the trial period, if the support team is confident that the child’s educational needs can be effectively met we shall put forward a proposed education/action plan, to be revised termly. If however this is not the case (for any reason the team decides) we reserve the right, ruefully, to reject the application.

Any prepaid feed beyond the period attended shall be fully reimbursed along with the deposit.

Financial limitations and other issues

We adhere to openness and flexibility in our fees policy and we are ready to answer questions or consider any other suggestions.

We are always ready to discuss your financial situation in order to find mutually acceptable solutions so your child can join or stay in school.

We trust parents and in special circumstances let them stipulate the tuition fees they can afford.

Figures Only

  • One-off registration fee  € 150
  • Deposit € 500
  • All texts and school materials/resources plus accident-insurance € 250



€ 550
Total: € 550 x 10 = € 5,500*

*With standing order only by the 15th of each month.

Late payments fee later than the 15th of every month is €25

and later than the 30th of every month is €50.



€ 2,200 + € 2,200 + €1000
Total: € 5,400



€ 5,300*

*no deposit needed

Your Savings


We are glad to offer special tuition fees scheme for families with siblings:

  • 1st child studies for the normal tuition fee (with reductions applicable).
  • 2nd child studies with a 10% reduction on his/her tuition fee (normal registration fee and deposit required).
  • Any other sibling studies for 20% off the tuition fee (no further reduction is applicable).

NOTE: Discounts for siblings cannot be combined with annual or termly discounts.