English Literacy

English Literacy

The English Primary Framework is used as a basis for teaching Literacy. Each child is given targets that are relevant to him/her and these are regularly assessed to ensure their learning is moving forward.

We aim to promote:


The children are encouraged to develop a love for reading and therefore regular sessions are provided to engage in silent reading, paired reading and whole class reading. We have a good range of reading books – both fiction and non-fiction in the classroom as well as the library.


Pupils are helped to develop the ability to express their thoughts and ideas through the written word. We help to develop grammar, punctuation, spelling and letter formation. The link between reading and writing is strongly emphasised. Following the English National Curriculum, children are taught to write for a range of purposes and audiences for example writing stories, non-fiction reports, instructions and letters.

Speaking and Listening

Children need to learn to express themselves clearly in a wide variety of situations. The ability to listen is of equal importance. Throughout the school day the children are encouraged to listen to each other as well as to adults. Stories and poems are read every day and children ask questions and contribute to discussions.