After School Programme

  • The children can attend any or all afternoons, anytime between 13:45 – 17:45
  • Homework club with qualified English and Greek teachers.
  • We offer various activities after the homework and reading time, like daily art or outdoor activities, social and board games, gardening, kitchen activities, theatrical activities with trained actors, experiments, computer lessons and much more.
  • Extra lessons: we offer Math, Greek, Russian, Arabic, English, Latin or Hebrew lessons, upon request. (The fee is 15 euros per lesson, or 12 euros when we have over 5 students.)
  • Hot lunch is available.

Our after-school programme applies established principles of holistic, child-centered learning with children (age 5-12) to help develop basic life-skills (confidence, self-awareness, independent/critical thought, social aptitude and a love of learning). These abilities are the foundations not only for academic achievement but also for the challenges of life.

We focus on playful social activities through which children discover how to communicate, express themselves without hurting others, make friends, problem solve, be a part of a team. We also generate problem-solving, creativity and independent thinking via projects or fun, engaging, hands-on educational activities. Check our timetable of activities here to decide which ones suit your child.

Come Prepared!

Dress Smart and Unique
  • Wear comfortable, sensible clothes and shoes that can be easily washed.
  • When your child comes from another school bring a change of of clothes for practical reasons.
Healthy Living
  • Bring enough water.
  • If you decide your child will have his/her own lunch here check that the food is healthy.
E-game free environment

We discourage children from playing any electronic games here as then they lose opportunities to socialize and get hands-on experience.

Learning to love learning

We aim at facilitating personal growth of your child. Our teachers help your children become more confident, self-aware, to learn communication and other social skills, and develop a lifelong love for learning. We encourage creativity and the manifestation of children’s uniqueness.

  • Children are expected to do any homework independently with minimal help from adults.
  • It’s wise to do homework roughly the same time and place everyday.
  • We don’t force children to do homework, we encourage them to be responsible and motivated as far as possible.
  • Please share with us any concerns regarding homework.
  • Feel free to tell us how to improve. We can’t yet read minds 😉
Help from home

We encourage you to participate in our Parents’ Support Group as it will give you an opportunity to learn how you can help your child to become more confident, self-aware, to learn social skills, develop a lifelong love for learning so that your parenting style and our program are consistent.


Any used books, TVs, furniture, toys, games etc. are always welcome as we are trying to keep costs (and therefore fees) to a minimum.

Afternoon Program Fees

Before you make a commitment to pay for our afternoon programme your child has a trial week with us, which is not charged if you both decide our activities are not for him.

You may attend the programme any number of days a week and choose either to come for lunch or not.

Prices per month:

once a week
twice a week
three times a week
four times a week
five times a week
€60 Prepaid Monthly Rate (or €20 per day)

This price includes weekly workshops.

We also serve warm lunch, catered from a nearby traditional canteen. The price for each lunch is €4.

Monthly fees, including lunch expenses, are due on the 1st of the month. Siblings receive a 20% discount on the one child. Monthly fees are fixed even if the month includes holidays such as Easter or Christmas.

We cannot provide refunds for missed afternoons. However, if you inform us by 10 a.m. of the day your child will be away, lunch will not be charged.