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Education that fits each child's abilities and learning rhythms rather than age.
Education comes easy when it is playful, relevant and occasionally unstructured.

Learning is Inspiring!

Welcome to The Lighthouse (Limassol, Cyprus), where learning is fun, flexible, meaningful and inspiring!

Beg, borrow or steal like an artist, but find a way for education to evolve! If evolution, in it’s infinite wisdom, teaches anything, it is…never be satisfied; evolve or perish.

Education needs to be dynamic, organic, indescribable and an empowering experience! It must seize the day while eyeing the decades. It must be challenged as much as it is exulted. It can never be perfected just as it can never be simply taught.

So our ambition is to ignite a fire for learning that is self-directed, constructively critical, socially conscious while engaging and encouraging.

We cannot promise infallibility but we can commit to discovering as many paths of success necessary so each child feels respected, valued, confident, clever, creative, capable and unique: Such is the light shining in the Lighthouse.